Conditions of Edu-Profit 2.0

Below are the conditions, the full compliance with which ensures our immediate fulfillment of the guarantees.


  • Shaving shall refer to any intentional failure to provide the Affiliates with commission for the clients they brought
  • Partner must ensure and prove that all links have been set up correctly and in accordance with the recommendations listed on
  • In case the Partners find a glitch/mistake in the Affiliate program, specifically regarding the order and commission counter, they can contact the Affiliate program, state the proof and receive monetary compensation
  • The Affiliate program experts will take the given shaving proof into consideration and ensure that the decision is taken objectively. If needed, a third independent party will be involved.
  • In case Partner reports a glitch/mistake on forums before the Affiliate program fixes the glitch, monetary compensation shall be not rewarded
  • Any actions aimed at intentional failure of Affiliate program websites’ serviceability for the sake of gaining proof of shaving and consequently receiving monetary compensation are prohibited and will result in account termination with no further compensation and/or reinstatement
  • Affiliate program is not responsible for any failures or inaccuracies from the contractors' side, as well as for any issues in the billing system serviceability
  • Edu-profit reserves the right to execute routine maintenance works with a partial laying off of web servers functionality. Routine maintenance shall not be regarded as noncompliance with the guarantees.


  • The Guarantee is valid for those partners who brought 100 and more new orders starting from 28.03.2016
  • Two years start counting down from the date of the first order.
  • Partner is eligible for the compensation if it has been less than 2 years since the first order and he/she does not receive at least 1 re-order per month during the season.
  • By “season” we mean the following months: February, March, April, May, June, September, October, November, December.
  • The Affiliate program is ready to take all the necessary actions and recommendations to provide as many re-orders for the partner as possible.


  • The guarantee is conditional upon over 100 new orders brought by Partner after 28.03.2016.