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Who can participate?
Just about anybody! Whether you run a large commercial web site, a small personal blog, a non-profit site, or anything in between you're welcome to apply to join the program.
Does it cost anything to participate?
No! As long as you are an active affiliate, all you need to do is keep linking and collect your commissions.
What are my commission rates?
You get from 50% up to 70% of the sum paid by new customers who come through your affiliate link (people who visit our website for the first time). When one of the return customers makes a purchase, you get from 15% up to 30% of the sum he pays. Also you have 3% from your referrals income!
How long do you keep cookies?
Your affiliate cookie is valid for 90 days!
For how long will my referred customers be earning me money?
You will get the comission from all the orders made by your referred customers. From the first order till the last one.
Which billing systems do you work with?
We can transfer the money using the following systems: WebMoney, PayPal, EPESE.
Are there any holds on payments?
Yes, there is a one-time $100 hold. You can be transferred the money only after your balance reaches $100. There is also a regular $50 hold for those using PayPal and $20 for those using WebMoney and EPESE. You cannot be receiving less then $50 via PayPal and less then $20 via WebMoney and EPESE.
What is "Unique" in my stats?
In case you have installed the WordPress theme we offer, Unique is where you can track the amount of visits to your website. If you didn't install the WordPress theme offered, Unique is where you can see the number of clicks that lead the users to our website. These clicks could have been made on a banner or a price calculator for instance.
What is "Inquiry"?
Inquiry column performes the number of inquries and orders placed by your affiliate visitors.
What is "Sales"?
Sales column performes the number of sales within a day.
What is "New"?
This column performes the number of sales made by new customers (not return visitors).
What means "$ per 1k traffic"?
It is a total profit divided by unique visitors in thousands (*1000). Helps you analyze productivity.
What means "Sales per 1k traffic"?
It is the number of sales divided by unique visitors in thousands.
What is "Profit"?
This is the amount of your earned money.
What is "Referrals"?
This is the amount of money earned on your referrals.
What is "Refunds"?
This is the amount of refunded money.
What is "Total profit"?
This is the amount of money you get (with Refunds subtracted from Profit).
What are Sub-IDs for?
Webmasters would create Sub-IDs to analyze the effectiveness of certain banners, promo materials, sources of paid traffic, promotional strategies, etc. Creating a Sub-ID helps better determine sources of target audience traffic and better analyze the effectiveness of your promotional campaign.
How do I create a Sub-ID?
"&sub_id=value" is added to the end of the link. The value can be only numerical, and cannot have more than 9 characters. Links: Where "xxx" is your unique ID, and "y" is the Sub-ID value you set. Banners, buttons, etc.: There are two types of promotional materials:
  1. The first type of promotional materials has a line, where you should enter the Sub-ID value: var sub_id = "y", where "y" is the Sub-ID number you set.
  2. The other type are those banners that dont have the Sub-ID creation line. If this is the case, "&sub_id=value" is added to the end of the link in the code. The code of the banner of the second type will look like this:
<!--Start code-->
<a href="">
<img src="" style="border: 0;"/>
<!--End code-->

Where "xxx" is you unique ID, and "y" is the Sub-ID value you set.

ATTENTION: "y" should have a numerical value and should not have more than 9 characters. You cannot set a Sub-ID on a Wordpress theme. You also cannot use alphabetical characters in the Sub-ID value.

You can create up to 10 different Sub-IDs for placement on different websites, pages, banners, etc.

How do I check stats using Sub-IDs?
As soon as you've created a Sub-ID, and as soon as there has been at least one click on it, our system will detect your Sub-ID. Go to your stats page (available after registration) and find the "Date" column. Click on the date that interests you. You will see all hit statistics and corresponding sales for the Sub-IDs set. ATTENTION: when testing Sub-ID tracking, please click the link you create in a clean browser. A clean browser is a browser that you've deleted all cookies from.
And what about refunds?

We care about our partner and take on all refunds. But since there are unscrupulous partners who want to cash in on this, we have to introduce some rules and limitations. We reserve the right to verify the order, to freez the payment or block partner if his or her illegal actions will be proved.

Details of anti-fraud policy can be found in the Terms and Conditions

What promo materials are available?
We offer different promos:
  1. wordpress themes
  2. html templates for doorways
  3. API of clients panel
  4. discount codes (already with your pid)
  5. banners to find referrals
  6. banners to find customers
  7. buttons
  8. calculators
  9. signatures for forums
  10. keywords
  11. order form in iframe
  12. four landing pages
  13. information about writing services, etc.
We also provide promo materials on different languages. Please contact our support team to get additional promos.
Where can I find my referral link?
You can find it in your account. It looks like, where XXX is your partner ID. People registered through this link automatically become your referrals. You may also find it on the top of the promo page (available after registration). If you have any questions about that are not covered here, please email us or read our How it Works page (available after registration).
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