Comments about EDU-PROFIT

I work with this affiliate program relatively recently, the envelope went right away, because the season, support helped me with the content and keys, I received the payment immediately upon request. While I'm happy with everything!

Of the benefits - affiliate program always goes towards, technical support solves all questions, even non-standard. The money are always payed on time, you can request any day and even get the amount in cash. In general, I recommened :)

For a long time I was going to leave a review and still nothing, but then I won the bonus in the tournament and decided it was time)I have been working with an affiliate program for a very long time. As for the envelope, support, there are no complaints at all. I merge also on other affiliate programs, there is nothing to compare. Payments without delay, envelope on top, support is always online and quickly resolves issues

The best affiliate program on the market. And the most important thing that is not unimportant is the caliper. Very competent, tolerant people work in the support, they will always prompt, help, do. For this, I do not get tired of thanking them because it is very cool! Perhaps this was the main criterion that I would focus on this affiliate program, and the niche is interesting, it will always bring income.

On the essay market is really one of the best affiliate programs, if not the best. No complaints. Payments on request, adequate support, no problem screwed the white label. Somehow I made changes to the site and did not notice that the order form went bad, so the support itself informed about it.

Great affiliate. Everything is on the level. Support constantly helps with reports on improvements, throws up ideas for improving the envelope.

Best essay Affiliate Program
The only affiliate with a decent level of conversion
Firstly I sent traffic from the doorways, the conversion rate was very low, 1: 600 approx. Talked to tech support, they gave me a lot of advice on getting traffic, specifically for me (for that I'm very grateful), keywords, corrected my geo targeting. The conversion rate increased to 1: 150 – 100. I'm currently working on white SEO site, we communicate about White Label. This is a bonus from the affiliate program because I don't have 90 orders, this is all about the trust According to the figures for the order I get the $100- $120, in December I had 53 orders. Payouts are made immediately without any delay. Support 5+ !

I'm working with this affiliate program for several seasons. Everything is well – all promo materials are updated regularly, and a support will always help with advice. It's a pity that niche is seasonal, pharma wins in this area.

I'm working with this affiliate program since the time when it was necessary to register through a support in ICQ))
On the pluses is that the affiliate program is constantly evolving, optimizing and listens to the wishes of webmasters. Of all the affiliate programs in the niche is definitely the best envelope for SEO traffic! Also it is great that all payments are made om time.
Of the minuses is that it has a weak stats. If you didn't put all Sub-ID it is hard to analyze your traffic.

I'm working with the affiliate program for a long time and I have a very good earnings, the main is to get more traffic and it is desirable that it is abroad.

One of the best affiliate programs in this niche. Huge selection of promotional materials for the doorways, templates, excellent support.

I'm working with them for more than six months, no complaints. At the last conference I won an ipod, thank you for it, a trifle, but nice) In general safe AP, I recommend.

Yesterday I urgently needed money, but had not enough for the first payment. I wrote in support, they did everything with no questions. A support is very responsive and constantly connected, that is quite a positive effect on working with them. Prior to that, I asked about templates, asked something fresher, they did everything also. They provided a pretty good template for me. In general, work with PP is great. Highly recommend!!!

I recently talked to tech support and was given a detailed advice! We will work;-) They promised to work on Statistics changing!

Well, to be honest I had a doubt on working with this affiliate program, but everything is great, payments are made on time as promised) It is possible to work calmly, increasing turnover.

Huge respect to a support! It is a great pleasure to work with the affiliate program and especially with tech support. All webmasters questions they are trying to solve quickly, and also very non-standard questions.

Support is really great. I felt a little sorry that I ran out of questions!

Well, in principle, there is no reason not to trust yet, as the affiliate admins warned that the envelope is 1: 250, so far it turns out for me, there are orders. It would be very nice if the statistics showed what exactly the buyer ordered, which country and referrer.

I read a lot about this affiliate program. Honest and reliable. At the peak of seasonality guys shared statistics screenshots on the forums. And there, in fact, were very large numbers. Previously, they even gave me txt file with the keywords! But you know, you won't order theses each day)So if you have some suitable traf, send it with no hesitate.