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On ChatGPT: What’s Going On & What We Are Doing to Deal with It

The arrival of ChatGPT raised concerns about how AI-based content generators will impact the custom writing industry. In our assessment, due to the peculiarities and limitations of AI technology, the effects will be most tangible within the creative domain, while academic writing will remain a human responsibility. The main reason here is that existing andподробнее

How to get low competitive keywords in essay niche

The tastier the cake, the more willing to bite it. The more people who want to bite off, the more likely it is that you, in the end, will not get anything. This is the unshakable law of all leading niches. In this article, we will talk about methods for finding those same hearty smallerподробнее

Myths and obsolete data in a niche essay

1. The best TA sits in the HF. Competitors are sitting in HF 🙂 No, of course, we are not talking about all high frequencies, as will be seen from the graphs below, and there is certainly a potential audience in the target high frequencies, but its percentage can be several times lower than theподробнее

Essay site content

As Matt Cutts said: ‘Content is King’, and despite the fact that the “listen to Matt and do the opposite” strategy often led to success, the statement applies a little more than completely to this niche. Content in the essay niche is the foundation of the basics, not only positions in the Google bourgeoisie dependподробнее