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Myths and obsolete data in a niche essay

1. The best TA sits in the HF. Competitors are sitting in HF 🙂

No, of course, we are not talking about all high frequencies, as will be seen from the graphs below, and there is certainly a potential audience in the target high frequencies, but its percentage can be several times lower than the number of declared requests shown by Google Adwords, semrush and other services ; this is easy to understand for those whose sites are in the top 1 for queries, and the number of transitions from month to month hardly exceeds 15-20% of the expected traffic.

This happens because most webmasters who are analyzing a niche or targeting this high-frequency query will google it at least once a day to see how much is left to their cherished goal.

But cunning competitors who are ready to flood the site sitting above are a dime a dozen in HF. Look at the backlink profile of all the top sites and in half of them you will definitely find links with pron-anchors or outright spam.

Graph of informational (low-competitive) requests for the last 5 years with distribution worldwide. Data from Google Trends.

As you can see, Ahrefs’ query competition is low, and the query rate is either stagnant or falling. This is a real picture of real requests that no one is interested in winding up.


image (1)

image (2)

Graph of 2 transactional (most highly competitive) requests over the past 5 years, with a worldwide distribution. Data from Google Trends.

As you can see, Ahrefs is highly competitive, and the frequency of requests, judging by the graph, has grown 2-4 times lately. Of course, some of these requests are driven in by real users, but quite a large part of them is simply random cheating by brothers.

image (3)

image (4)

image (5)

2. The lower the price of services, the higher the conversion rate

In general, this statement takes place if we are talking about a difference of more than 15-20%. When starting prices start at $9 or $10, there is no difference in the envelope. Other phenomena are much more influential, for example: reviews about the service, presence in social networks, the presence of profiles of real writers that you can contact directly, the quality of the product, the presence of experts in the required field, etc.

As practice shows, over the past few years, the user has become much more careful and careful in choosing the service to which he plans to entrust writing homework.